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    Oops, just went back and checked out my bug report, derp, did NOT mention those mods. Well...

    Oops, just went back and checked out my bug report, derp, did NOT mention those mods. Well, that was dumb of me. No idea on how to fix it either.
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    *Post your GC flag here* (FLAG TIME)

    But of course. Mewtwo is Untamable in his badassery. Er, I guess in this instance, Her Badassery. She's all like "Just getting my Trainer to help me take a Selfy on the Moon. #PsychicTypeProblems" on her Twitter feed.
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    Recipes using Forge liquid dictionary "fuel", such as ICBM Missile Modules or filling Tank Carts...

    Recipes using Forge liquid dictionary "fuel", such as ICBM Missile Modules or filling Tank Carts from Railcraft with fuel. Not in a log save for a mod list, but I mentioned those mods, didn't I?
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    *Post your GC flag here* (FLAG TIME)

    In all seriousness, though, I saw a image with a flag that didn't have a face on it. How do we do that? I wanna do that. I wanna do that so bad. I want to be on topic, but I can't be very on topic in this thread because I'd have to post my flag and if I did that my skin is shown, or rather...
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    The official Galacticraft Roleplay thread!

    (OOC: Rule 7 doesn't need to be mentioned as it's obvious you can't do such a thing without getting killed. UNLESS there is a station built within the gas giant's atmosphere, which is technically impossible to do due to not having anything to build off of, but then again, so is a space station...
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    Ender IO Silicon Support

    Oh crap, idea changing this thread a bit: Please add support for GregTech Silicon as well, but specifically Silicon Plates. I mean, eventually someone's gonna suggest GC2 to Greg, and at that point he's gonna change recipes anyway, so might as well make it a bit easier for everyone and add...
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    Im I bit confused

    Your first step is install NEI. Second step is use NEI to find the recipes you need. That's all the advice I can give you, in the end. There are plenty of new machines with a ton of new recipes, and all I can tell you is that you're gonna need NEI because IIRC the wiki isn't fully updated...
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    Looking for 1-2 People, survival, Latest Galacticraft + Extra mods for ease of play

    I'm from Canada, I'm pretty sure my age is on my profile, and don't sleep when I should, so really, you being in the UK doesn't change anything to me. And as for getting animals into space... You considered using a Rocket? lol jk Actually, if one could get them into a rocket then there isn't...
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    Ender IO Silicon Support

    I don't know why it isn't supported, but one can not use Silicon from Ender IO to make circuits in GC2. Maybe the recipe in GC2 doesn't use Ore Dictionary Silicon in it. Maybe Ender IO doesn't register it in the ore dictionary(in which case, sorry, I'll go harass them instead). Maybe the NEI...
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    Two simple requests for mod compatibility

    TiC Aluminum is funny as it's not registered as such in the ore dictionary. IIRC this is to prevent GregTech from affecting it's smelting and perhaps to make it not work for GT as that would bypass some important machines and allow you to make aluminum on the cheap.
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    Sealable ME Cable

    THIS! Seriously, I hadn't even thought about my ME setup, even though I plan on building a big MAC on a space station and making a point to store it in a room with no air. Mind you, I was thinking of just using Quantum Link Bridges to access it(in fact, this was because I didn't plan on having...
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    *Post your GC flag here* (FLAG TIME)

    I know this is a quote from the first page in a three page thread. I know I'm going off topic here. I know this and I don't care because my spirit animal is a Honey Badger and you know what they say about Honey Badgers, right? Regardless... I have a Laptop. It makes your Desktop PC look like...
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    1000 recipes in NEI per thing using Fuel

    Minecraft Version = 1.6.4 Forge Version = Galacticraft Version = Detailed Description = Fun fact: Every recipe your mod add using the fuel canister from this mod takes up 500 pages in NEI because it has 1000 unique recipes(according to NEI anyway). I hope this is a bug...
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    Bunch of weird ideas...

    Considering that ICBM missiles dynamically load chunks as needed, the ability to rain hell down from the moon in that regard is easier. Needing Nitro-Diesel to get enough thrust to launch from earth would make sense. But from a space station you could get away with just using a ion thruster...
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    A more realistic space station

    You seem to have forgotten some basic issues with that idea. You're in space, yes, but even if you were as far away from the earth as the moon, you still have gravity from the earth to pull you if you had stopped moving. Hence why the ISS constantly needs people to visit it, they need more fuel...
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    Bunch of weird ideas...

    ...Mostly relating to integrating with other mods! First off, love the mod, but as with any mod of such scope there end up being some things I wonder why we can't locate and use already. I'll start with ICBM stuff. Two ideas, both related to thing that seem to be in the pipe somewhere in...
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    Add a custom planet

    Sounds like a fun idea. Custom dimensions are not impossible to build in game(look at Mystcraft for example), but obviously this would be very late game. EDIT: Actually on that note I have some ideas
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    I admit I'm a idiot and need some help(UE related)

    Well, I'm a bit old fashioned and know my way around minecraft. Pretty much none of the versions of ICBM I wanted to grab had all three files linked correctly, but a few manual redirects later and I'm golden.
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    I admit I'm a idiot and need some help(UE related)

    I understand the concept of a recommended build by the way. Anyway, took me a while and tracked down several of the issues in my install, and now have UE working. All that's left is to add GalaticCraft and get cracking on the challenge I'm going to be doing. Long story short, Infernal Mobs hates...
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    I admit I'm a idiot and need some help(UE related)

    OK, let me clarify here, I don't know what the requirements for GalaticCraft are beyond forge and would appreciate specific versions mentioned. In addition, would someone please tell me what the "correct" version of various UE mods are for general usage?