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    stuff disappearing in compressor

    Minecraft Version = 1.6.4 Forge Version = Galacticraft Version = Detailed Description = if i log into my minecraft server and put anything inside the compressor and leave the server it will disappear and i had lots of iron and would hate for it to be gone Full Forge Log...
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    need help[1.6.4]

    so i havent used this mod since 1.5.2 and was wondering i got my copper and tin but what else do i need and how do i make a nasa workbench a crafting recipe and what i need to do it would be good
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    can you make the oil easier to find please

    can you make the oil easier to find please
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    NASA workbench acting funny

    here is the latest update go here and download this one it worked for me
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    cant find oil

    i am a noob a mods so can i just get the oil from it or do i have to get the whole mod
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    lol! tasted

    lol! tasted
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    cant find oil

    ive tried looking 20 30 blocks down but i cant find anything is the oil near caves or is it just rare i put my house near caves so is that why it doesnt spawn near me
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    Can't craft Iron plates?

    same problem
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    I cant craft iron plate

    what do i do i updated minecraft reinstalled everything and it still wont let me build that and im trying to go to space on survival and its fustrating
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    Can't Craft ANYTHING

    i cant craft iron plate i can craft everything else just not that