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  1. radyjko

    Vertical Thrusters

    Salto Machen. Ja gut. I mean... +1 .______.
  2. radyjko

    YeeeeY! So happy ._.

    YeeeeY! So happy ._.
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    Your profile picture scared me. I need hug .-.

    Your profile picture scared me. I need hug .-.
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    Galacticraft in 'hard mode' modpacks - discussion

    You didn't understand me again T-T As you said here: Of course you can make copper, bronze (from copper and tin) tools, aluminum brass (from copper and aluminium) etc. but I'm pretty sure you can't make Titanium, desh, heavy duty tools. I herad you can't use any regular tool with Iguanaman's...
  5. radyjko

    Galacticraft in 'hard mode' modpacks - discussion

    Could be possible to add Thinkers Construct compatibility into GC3 itself? Or we can count on other modders?
  6. radyjko

    About respawning

    Thanks for help. And I can set coordinates, Hmm... That's good :D
  7. radyjko

    About respawning

    4. Yes. That was horrible experience XD 5. So I respawned on Mars. But what I want is to SPAWN on Mars (Now I see, wrong thread name) So when I create new world I won't spawn on overworld, but on Mars. Or when I join some server i won't spawn on overworld but on Mars. Mainly modpack reasons...
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    About respawning

    @up (I forgot about this forum, I don't use it at all :) Sorry)
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    About respawning

    Ok, I want to set spawn in dimension other than Overworld. Let's say it'll be Mars. Now, I don't want something like when I die i respawn on Mars, I want to spawn on Mars after creating world. So: 1. Is there any way to do it with Galacticraft 3? If Yes how? If no then 2. 2. Is there any mod...
  10. radyjko

    Galacticraft 3 Release Notes

    No. With forge 1.8 our 1.6.4 will be even more dead
  11. radyjko

    Thermal Expansion?

    They have other name and work in other way. They are usually not used as lava fabricators but they can. :)
  12. radyjko

    Alien crashed sites

    I like this. Maybe randomly generated dungeon inside it like ocean monuments in 1.8?
  13. radyjko

    Thermal Expansion?

    They split ore generation and machines into two mods, Thermal Foundation is ore generation mod, dynamos are in Thermal Expansion and Lava Fabricators are in Minefactory: Reloaded :>
  14. radyjko

    Energy and oxygen between dimensions

    Sure, why not :] Especially Energy Rocket and Oxygen Rocket, maybe unlockable in Asteroid dungeon?
  15. radyjko

    Rocket: Construction and mechanics

    Agree with Tiering System. I would like to see also traveling between sytems using your space station :) So you can unlock T2 Ion thrusters and put on your SS and travel through space and time, and end at orbit of some planet :D
  16. radyjko

    Thermal Expansion?

    This mod adds only resources to game like copper, tin, shiny, ferrous metal, etc. and gears with those materials. I'm going to eat you now.
  17. radyjko

    Thermal Expansion?

    Really? O.o Tell me it's name! Or I'll eat you :<
  18. radyjko

    Thermal Expansion?

    Yes it is, but for 1.7.10. Also TE (i think 4) still have no duct's, so you cannot Transport items, fluids or energy :<
  19. radyjko

    Posting addons for GC3 (Galacticraft for minecraft 1.7.2+)

    What i think is What I think Is What I think I think I tHHHHink Galacticraft 3 is still unstable and Galacticraft 2 (and rest of 1.6.4 mod) is dead. Also Galacticraft isn't that known like other mods like for example Thaumcraft. Modders that would make add-ons just don't know about GC or thry...
  20. radyjko

    Decoration Block (Wall, Stairs, Slab)

    Me too.