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    MCDarkVeil Brought Up Worms

    MCDarkVeil brought up the worms that have been removed. MicDoodle commented on that saying he never meant to release them until they were ready, but while they are being worked on, I would like to throw in my opinion. I think we should make the worms even scarier. Minecraft needs some scary...
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    (Offhandedly Mentioned This Idea, But...) Next Stop: The Sun

    I commented on my long term ideas post and got off on an idea of harsh planets, then I mentioned going to the sun. You will need to augment your suit a d your ship with special gear (need to find blueprint to upgrade), but then you will be able to travel to the sun . I imagine this place (and...
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    Probably Long Term Ideas (I don't know if they have been suggested)

    1) Ultimately, I think it would be awesome to have the entire solar system added, including asteroid field (probably add moons too) 2) I don't particularly like having to build a new rocket each tier, for when the planet numbers get way out there, it might get kinda annoying, so, maybe there...