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    Moon Time..

    I am still kinda boggled about the moon time. I just want to know when is the right time to go to the moon to get the most out of the day time there.. Do I go on a full moon to be there for all 13 days or is it random?
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    Cryogenic Sleep

    Since the night on the moon is 13 days, I was thinking you add a cryo-chamber mod that lets you use an energy crystal and let you sleep for those 13 days.. I know a guy that has a mod like this but it is for 1.5.2. He made just for this mod and will gladly help intergrate it to galacticraft. A...
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    Missing textures and bugged gui

    Minecraft Version = 1.6.2 Forge Version = Galacticraft Version = Detailed Description = I have the latest forge and galacticraft and core installed. From the forge log I see that there are a lot of missing textures for the galacticraft, but I haven't seen any...