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    how do i get to other planets

    it seems can only create a space station and go to it and back to the overworld can someone help please
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    More / Configurable Oxygen Source Blocks

    you can grow trees in space very easy too i.e in real life
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    Mountable Moon lander

    i did and i have see that but i was thinking bigger rockets bigger landers and maybe the space stations can have thing put at some places on it to get it to move about like what jed is trying to do for minecraft but thanks for the reply
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    Space battles

    awesome idea i would love this and maybe big ship that you can enter and walk about and have asgard weapons form StarGate SG-1
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    More / Configurable Oxygen Source Blocks

    how do you know it is working
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    Mountable Moon lander

    can you make that the moon lander can be entered by the player and it takes you into a small room that you can move a round
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    moon lander

    the moon lander float in the air by two blocks over and over again every time you start minecraft up edit(sorry about this bug being in here i wrote in the wrong tab.)
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    Weather...IN SPACE

    what texture pack is that please o and seems legit water on the moon hmm do you be watching stargate
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    Weather...IN SPACE

    do you mean aicd rain with a pH of 1-2(will burn alot)
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    can you add that oxygen tanks can be put into a bubble thing to create oxygen because my space...

    can you add that oxygen tanks can be put into a bubble thing to create oxygen because my space station is big and all but i dont want to have trees on it as takes up room please reply
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    are you helping in the making of the mod

    are you helping in the making of the mod
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    Space Ships

    flans mod is very bugie and will clash your minecraft every 20 mins
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    Oxygen, airlock, closed room: general rules

    you can put oxygen tanks in the collector and bubble thing to get oxygen
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    A base on Mars

    ok thanks you can try using mediafire as it is free and lets you use up to 10GB also check out register and i will let you upload on it and yes the modpacks on it are down but will be up again the site is mainly for me and my friends
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    A base on Mars

    can you upload the map please and the texture pack
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    How would I go about starting to program an addon?

    i will help with the mod if you want
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    more things

    Can you add space suits (armour) if you want you can send me the files and i will texture it to look like a space suit as i am good at texturing.also add invor again and more planets also it says it has mars but it dont please reply to this.and that if you put a oxygen tank in the bubble thing...