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  1. Dunewolfz

    Dune's AMPLIFIED Challenge!

    The year is 1845, you have set out alone to explore the vast wilderness in hopes of becoming one of the world's most renowned explorers, but in order to do this you must achieve something no man before you has managed to accomplish! You must conquer the unconquerable! RULES 1. You must play on...
  2. Dunewolfz

    Carbon Dioxide Emission (aka a more realistic plant growth system)

    Basically, right now you pretty much plant a sapling with a little bit of water around it and boom, you have a full blown tree in 6 bonemeal or less. Granted, it's perfectly fine if you want to break numerous laws of nature. What I'm... erm... proposing is a system in which you feed carbon...
  3. Dunewolfz

    Space Station refusing to be selected anymore.

    I just don't get it, it was working just fine earlier today... Here we go: MC version: 1.5.1 GC version 0.1.27 Forge version: Currently (tested with all the newer ones also) Error log: None to post. Mods: Twilight Forest, Campfire mod, Rei's MM, More bows, NEI w/CCC, GC, PetBat. I did...
  4. Dunewolfz

    Touché Micdoodle...

    I just died because I stood to close to my rocket and caught on fire, nice little attention to detail there Micdoodle, lol.
  5. Dunewolfz

    Wallace and Gromit References

    ...because let's face it; you can't have a good Moon exploration without having a Wallace and Gromit reference. Perhaps ever so rarely a "cheese spire" or something of the sort would spawn, it would be made of blocks of cheese, naturally, kind of a no-effort food source. Maybe a "Cooker" could...
  6. Dunewolfz

    Right-clicking with bucket on oil gives you Water.

    Your game type (Server or Client): Client Your Galacticraft Version: 0.0.16 Minecraft Version: Minecraft Forge Version: Any other installed mods: Here we go: Rei's minimap More Bows Glowstone++ Twilight Forest Galacticraft OptiFine CoroAI Pet Bat TMI Render Player API Error Report...
  7. Dunewolfz

    I struck black gold!

    We gon' be rich Pa! We gon' be rich!
  8. Dunewolfz

    Blindness after exiting Oil

    It makes sense, you've just left a oil well after wallowing in it, your eyes are covered with oil. I think it would make sense to have blindness for a few seconds to represent how your eyes are covered with oil. Just a thought.
  9. Dunewolfz

    [Minor]Cheese Block destruction textures

    A really minor little nitpicking so I doubt I need to put up a Bug Report. Simply, when destroying a Cheese Block, the "particles" are yellow and purple. Not a big thing at all, but Micdoodle said to report all bugs, no matter how small. :P
  10. Dunewolfz

    Anyone up for making a Wiki?

    (I couldn't find a better place to put this.) The title pretty much sums up the entire post, I'm willing to make a Wiki for Galacticraft if there is anyone out there willing to provide assistance. Yep, that's pretty much it.
  11. Dunewolfz

    New Planets and Resources

    A couple of new places I've thought up to explore after Mercury through Neptune. Each place has its own resources and properties. Space Station: Mainly a place for storage. Orbits the moon. About the size of a Village. Titan: For ethane and methane, which forms in large ponds, which can be...
  12. Dunewolfz

    The Space Skeletons

    They don't like walls. ...and they never stopped.