armourer's workshop

  1. vos

    Armourer's Workshop Addon for Galacticraft Idea

    Idea is that you could make your own rocket models using Armourer's Workshop model creator. Different tiers would mean different sizes and special blocks for thrusters and anything else you need for an actual rocket. Also custom Launchpads for the rocket sizes. Other idea was custom glass...
  2. vos

    Content Pack My Armourer's Workshop Pack

    Its a edited version of Ezer Arch's Astronaut Pack All credits go to him! download: Hope you like it! Screenshots:
  3. Ezer'Arch

    Content Pack Ezer'Arch's Extras: Astronaut suit, NASA jetpack, Satellite and more

    Ezer'Arch's Content Packs Galacticraft-themed content available for download to be used along with mods compatible with Galacticraft: vehicles, armors, alternative textures, etc. ______________________________________________________ Armourer's Workshop skin: Astronaut suit accessories...