Addon [1.12.2] Zollern Galaxy v2

Zollern Wolf

Aug 17, 2019
Oh hey look, the GC forums are back! Cool.

Released a new version with two new planets, new space stations, bug fixes and game mechanics. Also released two additional builds after this with bug fixes.


Nov 22, 2021
Hey everyone,

I'm announcing the return of my Galacticraft add-on mod, Zollern Galaxy. This is just a first release, but let me know what you think. I hope it's well received; I put a lot of work and time into it. It's not finished yet, either; I have so many ideas for it. This is just the initial release. But I welcome feedback always.

So, here's how this works:

To "progress" through each planet as the mod is intended, there are 10 tiers of Star Gates. Each one is linked between two planets: the one you came from, and the one you're going to. They do not stack, but their usage is (currently) unlimited, though that may change in the future. Now having said that, you can also reach these planets by using rockets from other mods (the first planet is Tier 3), allowing you to bypass the Star Gate system. I just wanted to try something new, different and creative because there's so many rockets already. I'll have a video out (hopefully soon) showcasing the mod. Let's just take this one step at a time though, shall we? One small step, then we'll take a giant leap!

[[Zollern Galaxy]]

Please read this entire description before posting anything!
I do not use rockets; I use a star-gate system instead. I thought it would be more creative and give a slight twist to space exploration. If you wish to bypass this, use Steve Kung's "More Planets" mod. Zollern Galaxy is DESIGNED to work along-side it!

** You MUST have Galacticraft 4 installed as a mod already for this add-on mod to work!

** This mod works with More Planets, GalaxySpace and ExtraPlanets (not tested on other space mods yet, will update this list as more are tried).
There just may be a few dimension/biome ID conflicts that you have to change, but it is possible to get all four to play nice together (according to multiple users). It does not have a dependency other than Galacticraft.

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For any issues, please use the Issue Tracker on the project's GitHub (can be reached by clicking on Source Code)


Zollern Galaxy
is a space exploration mod; an add-on for Galacticraft. It adds multiple new solar systems and planets, each with their own set of blocks, items, biomes, flora, fauna, mobs and resources. The Player can reach the starter planet, Eden, by creating a Tier 3 rocketship, and then, as resources are collected, the Player can then craft a special tablet. This tablet, when right-clicked on the ground, will spawn a single portal where the Player is looking. Traveling through this portal will take them to the next planet. I thought it would be fun to shake things up a bit like that, and instead of making extra rockets (which would have taken a lot more work), making what essentially are star-gates. This is how you progress through the mod, and how you explore planets. This is my first add-on mod, but I think I did pretty well, all things considered. There are currently 7 star systems and 4 planets in one solar system (Psios) - the goal is to have at least 20 different star systems, and at least 50 planets in total, when all is said and done.

This mod was heavily inspired by Star Trek, No Man's Sky, Galacticraft, and Steve Kung's "More Planets" mod. Galacticraft is an incredible mod, but Steve Kung's "More Planets" mod is what really stole the show and inspired me to create my own add-on. His code is so well written and easy to read that I had no trouble at all with learning from it, whereas I can't even understand most tutorials. The mod is amazing, and the planets and moons he created are absolutely breath-taking. I heavily encourage you to use his mod with mine, not only because it makes the space exploration much more fun and robust, but also because he has 8 different rocket tiers. This would, theoretically, allow the Player to transcend my portal system by visiting whichever planet they like and exploring at their own pace. I learned a LOT from Steve's mod, and my mod would not have been at all possible or have a lot of the stuff that it has without him. Even the problem I had with setting up the workspace, he posted about on a forum, and through reading it, I was able to figure it out as well. So definitely give his mod a look, and he deserves, at the very least, half of the credit for my mod, because his code helped me understand a bunch of concepts and how a lot of things work. I doubt that he would need to, but if he needs to use any of my code at all, he is more than welcomed to do so.

Anyway, I spent months working on this mod, and I honestly took a lot of breaks because I thought it would be a very long time before I even had this ready to release for version 1. I am sure there will be bugs and glitches; I expect nothing less. Please inform me of anything that you find and I will be more than happy to look into it and try to fix it. I've only made one other mod, called Zollern Extras, and it essentially was just, as its name suggests, an "extras" mod, so I was able to do pretty much whatever I wanted with it. However, it did not get the attention that I was hoping it would, and honestly, it didn't deserve to. But I worked very hard on this mod, and will continue to do so for the next year or two. Space exploration has always been one of my favorite things, ever since I was a child, and it feels amazing to finally be making my own virtual universe, right alongside Steve's and micdoodle8's.

I don't want to give away anything, because there are some hidden surprises and fun little things to find, especially on Eden, but on others, too. More surprises and fun little finds are always being added. This mod will likely not have a wiki, simply because I prefer the Player to explore everything and figure everything out for themselves. That's part of the fun, to me, is not knowing what's out there. I really hope this mod takes off, so I would love some kind feedback, whether it be positive or negative. There are still certain concepts that I don't understand, so maybe it is a little limited in that sense, but I still think you'll find it pretty cool.

So get out there - evolve and explore - go where no miner has gone
I have several questions about it, especially since I've tried this mod out.
1. Can you please fix the ocean generation, its really weird how the oceans of each planet has a flat bottom and the transition between it and land is just a huge cliff.
2. Is it possible for you guys to add custom star gates for other galacticraft addons?
3. Can you please use a lunar lander for the planets that aren't habitable when you land on it by using a rocket, because I find it stressful landing on one of the planets and ending up just falling into a lava ocean (like with the case of Kriffon) and for habitable worlds like Eden or Xathius, can you make it to were if you visit it with a rocket, you parachute down instead?
4. Can you guys fix the bug where when you try to zoom in to a planet, it leads to a weird location (Even though I think you may be trying to since I'm sure you guys are aware that the bugs exist)
5. Also please fix the bug in which when you fall of the satillite, you lead back to the overworlds instead of where its supposed to be (I used JourneyMap to help me get to the satillite dimensions incase you were wondering)
6. Can you also please fix the bug in which when I edited it to where it says C instead of F in the config, the hud still display the thing in F (if you don't know the equation to convert F to C, here it is f=[(9C)/5]+32
7. Can you make it so we can disable mod spawning for certain planets in the config?
8. When do you plan to add all the other planets (I knew there's more by looking in the config) I'm especially excited for the moon that'll be added in
9. Can you allow us to disable village gen for certain planets in the config?
10. Can the alien villagers use a currency besides lunar sapphire and can the 4 different variants sell different things instead of the same things?
11. Can you guys give each village for each planet a different design or not?