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Aug 6, 2018
So in this list i'll offer a list of additions and changes that Galacticraft should have.
-A holographic solar system model that can be placed. It will show planet movement and the sun.
-If you can see earth from Venus and Mars. You should be able to see Venus, and Mars from earth as well.
-Make Venus' gravity slightly more realistic. Instead of jumping 2 blocks, make it 1.5 blocks.
-When space shuttles try to land on Mars. They should have bigger parachutes because of realism. The smaller the atmospheric pressure, the less effective that parachutes are.
-When the Mars lander hits the ground and starts bouncing. Make it bounce not as much.
-Make Venus darker. Because irl it's very dark because of it reflecting most of it's sunlight from the atmosphere.
-Instead of tier 5+ rockets to be added. Make a upgrade station to upgrade rockets. Such as replacing parts.
Some part idea names:
-Plasma Thruster: Found at Jupiter's moons. Allows traveling up to Saturns moons.
-HyperSonic Thruster: Found at Saturn's moons. Allows traveling of up to Uranus' and Neptune's moons.
-Sublight Engine: Found at Uranus' and Neptune's moons. Allows traveling to the Kuiper Belt, Pluto,
MakeMake, and Halley's Comet.
-StarCore SuperThruster: Allows traveling to Sedna and beyond the Solar System.
-New Celestial Objects you can travel to:
-Io: Juputer's Moon
-Europa: Jupiter's Moon
-Titan: Saturn's Moon
-Titania: Uranus' Moon
-Triton: Neptune's Moon
-Kuiper Belt (Similar to asteroid Belt except more ice)
-Halley's Comet: High amounts of ice and water.
-Sedna: Very dark and low gravity world.
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