A few minor suggestions (compatibility with tech mods)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jblade35, Feb 16, 2013.

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    I'm re-posting these from the MCF topic, just wanted to say I'm really loving the mod and I hope it goes far :) I'm not too fond of Mystcraft because it feels too overpowered and travelling to another planet to mine stuff is far cooler than just getting a whole new world for the price of a book.

    -IC2 support for the Oxygen canisters - you can place a Cell in an extractor to get an Oxygen cell for the Scuba mask; letting us refill our canisters in a similar way or maybe a new tool that uses the cells out of the inventory instead would be cool

    -BC Fuel for Rocketfuel, as an alternative or something? It would be cool to build a launch pad and have to pipe fuel into larger rockets if they're planned.

    -General macerating/smashing support for the new ores, wherether it be IC2, Thermal Expansion or whatever. Pretty minor (and you may not like this idea for balance reasons, so it's merely an idea heh)

    -Ore config control, since there's a variety of mods that spawn the ores you've added.

    -A cheap kinda future-y looking building material made with, I don't know, either an aluminum or titanium ingot surrounded by stone? Using iron blocks is way too expensive for Survival players so it'd be nice to be able to build a moonbase out of a cheaper alternative that looks pretty sci-fi. You may already have this covered of course.

    Keep up the great work in anycase, looking forward to setting foot on Mars!
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    Thanks for the compliment, I hope my eight months of work gets a bit of attention too :p

    I'll look into this. I don't have previous experience with using items straight from another mod, but I'm sure it'll be possible.

    You just sparked a wildfire of ideas in my head. I probably won't get sleep tonight thinking of all the ideas that could go along with this! Thanks for the idea!

    I like this idea, but it's more of a finishing touch thing. If the macerator works with Forge's Ore Dictionary, then it will work in the upcoming version of GC.

    Already done, next version will have this :)

    I was thinking this but am not very good with textures. I'll talk to my texture guy and see if he can whip up a "future-y" looking block.

    Thanks a lot for the ideas!

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