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    I agree that there should be a small capsule you can access when going between celestial bodies, but it should only be accessed when you select where you want to go in the planet selection screen. Before that, it is just acting as it normally dose. This capsule should include a bed, a chest with personal items inside (you fill it yourself) a timer that counts down the time until you reach the planet. The time should be small, like maybe 30 seconds from earth to moon and 1:30 for earth to mars. It should be variable and dependant on the planets positions in the world, the closer they are, the less time it takes to get to them. And it should also cost a minor amount of fuel to get to the planet while in this capsule (Small because you are already up to speed) the capsule can be upgraded along the way with more storage space, more people inside, better displays (instead of just a timer at the front of the ship) and more facilities. The display should include, as it is upgraded, a visual display of your route and where you are, a diagram of your rocket, a fuel meter and the default timer. Other modules should also be added like cargo bays, fuel tanks, oxygen tanks and machines to survive in space, but these should not be interacted with when your are in the capsule.

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