Addon Request: Gas giant Space Station

How do you think about that ?

  • Too Many Space stations. (please tell me why)

  • Exactly enough Space Stations ! :D

  • Less Space Stations than I want. (please tell me why)

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Dec 29, 2016
So, I was playing Galacticraft with addons, and noticed that no addon except for extra plantets and extended planets adds at least one space station. But I dont use both, thats why I opened this thread.

The addon should be like this:

Space Station around Jupiter, made out of: Space Quartz, crafted with 4 tin decoration blocks and 5 quartz.
Space Station around Saturn, made out of: Bronze Decoration Blocks, crafted just like tin decoration blocks but with a compressed bronze.
Space Station around Uranus, made out of: Heavy duty decoration blocks, crafted just like tin decoration blocks but with a heavy duty plate and you get 8 instead of 4. Also they should be resistant against meteors and tnt/creeper explosions.
Space Station around Neptune, made out of: Black Space Quartz, you make it like the normal space quartz, but instead of 4 tin decoration blocks and 5 quartz you need 4 tun decoration blocks, 4 quartz, and one coal/ink sac/obsidian.

I dont want any new rockets, since many addons have custom rockets. The Space Stations should all be reachable with the Tier 3 rocket by default, but the rocket tier for every Space Station should be configurable.
For example: I would set Jupiter station to tier 4, saturn to tier 5, uranus to tier 6, and neptune to tier 7. Also, in the sky, the planets themselves should be pretty big. And the day should be half as long as on the overworld on the jupiter and saturn station, and 3/4 as long as on the overworld on the uranus and neptune station.

And the Space Stations should be custom structures, not that boring overworld station. If you want to, I will build them and give you the structure, just be sure to replace the blocks with the block that should be there.

PS: With quartz I mean the item. not the block.
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Apr 27, 2014
It could be add-ons are not doing this because it's a planned future feature for Galacticraft core.

But I don't want to stop any other ideas - there's always room for more space stations... :)

> If you want to, I will build them and give you the structure,

Yes please, we are very happy to look at any good design for potential inclusion in the game. It's best to build out of only 1 type of block + stairs. Or mainly one type of block: you can add a few other types for decoration, but don't go crazy - simple is better. Please post screenshots showing your design from a few different angles.


Mar 7, 2015
Take Amun-Ra, build a Mothership, fly it over to Jupiter, remove the engines :D
Though it won't be reachable with regular rockets, since there is no way to inject custom celestial bodies into the default planet selection gui, even less if they are supposed to orbit moons...
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May 18, 2013
it's a planned future feature for Galacticraft core.
Let me ask you a question: How would this kind of SS look like?
1) A space station dimension, with a starting structure in a low/zero gravity environment and a sprite of the planet beneath (like the Overworld SS); or
2) An actual planet dimension, with a starting structure (a floating base) hight up in the sky and a some kind of deadly layer near the Y=0 for the careless who fall off the base.

If (2): we could use the same moon landing concept ("Press Space to slow down") to set up a floating base, like in this video.
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