Advanced Cominicatiın Dish Features / Dyson's sphere

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    • More Dish Models Like This:
    • Every dish have its own UUID.
      • Frequancy module can be used to link two dish or manuel copy/paste IDs.
    • A Connection cable to connect the dish to those blocks:
      • Energy Emitter/Reciver block.
        • Sends/Recives energy to/from other linked dish.
      • Redstone Emitter/Reciver block.
        • Has a ID setting (1-128) to use multiple redstone I/O over one dish connection.
      • Network I/O block.
    • Dyson's sphere rocket.
      • Launches unmanned to the solar.
      • Produced with hundreds of solar panels.
      • Connects a dish to send 10kRF/t.
    • Split cables and walkways to multiblock (Codechicken's or other)

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