Air Resource Management (Fluid Tanks, Oxygen Collectors, etc...)

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    So I'm preparing for my first trip to the moon, and I want to know a few things first: How many units of air can the fluid tank hold? I want to build a bunch of air canisters, fill them up, and bring them to the moon. then i will decompress them and put them into the tanks and then into the sealer. With the oxygen collector, how do i get it to work on the moon? i understand that i need to place trees around it, but is it a special kind of tree i need to find on the moon, or can i just plant saplings from the overworld normally on the moon surface? thanks.
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    You should set up O2 production and shelter as fast as possible on a planet. I go with 4 large O2 tanks(plus the 2 I'm wearing) 4 O2 Collectors, 2 Stacks of leafs, 2 or more O2 Storage Modules, and 1 O2 Compressor, and a stack of pipe. 4 or more Advanced Solar Panels, and 2(or more) Energy Storage Clusters, and 1 stack of heavy wire. You could also plant crops, just like the overworld and use them for O2 production as well. That will get you a way to refill your O2 Tanks pretty much indefinitely. You can then use a Bubble Distributor, or the O2 Sealers in a shelter/building, I would increase the number of storage units though. Also check out the Wiki
    Oh, iirc the liquid Ox canister will fill 4 of the large tanks.
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