Alien Villagers Could Use an Update!


Jul 4, 2016
Right now, the alien villager trading system is bland and monotonous. Every alien villager has the same trades. All the houses are the same bland bubble shape. They should have different professions and careers. Now, 1.14 has added a HUGE update to the villager system. There is a new GUI, you can upgrade the villager's professions, and their career and rank is shown on their skin.

Alien villagers need a huge update to go along with this. Right now, they all have the same skins, same trades, and same houses. Their current houses don't give any hints as to how they got all their trades. They don't have smelting houses, smithing houses, or anything like that. They are all bubble shaped and empty. That needs to change! What they need are different trades, different skins, with rank badges(like the 1.14 villagers), and different style houses.

GC's alien villager system needs a big update!
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