Becoming a patron


Jun 26, 2014
Hello, as you probably know from my last post, my english level is low, so I'm trying to do my best.
Because of that, I don't understand many of the post published here.
This time I'm trying to understand the advantages of becoming a patron. There are three patron types, ok? So, I had been reading the patron info and I understand this: patrons can be creators and upload videos,...? I don't understand that. The only think that I understand is that donators who donate 30$ or more, have access to upcoming features. What more? Another thing that I didn't understand: imagine that I'm doing this:
1. I want to become a patron
2. I pay 30$ for be able to enjoy the upcoming features
3. When I pay the money where have I to go for downloading this special versions?
4. Can anyone explain me better the other advantages of becoming a patron?

Something else, I only want to be 30$ donator for 1 month. It can be posible? Can I pay the money and refuse the account when the month will finish?

Thank you very much, especially to obsidianpower and AcapitalA, from last post. Tell me how is my english level too, please!:)

Thanks everyone for helping!


Oct 29, 2013
The Edges of Space
1. You can only only pay 1 dollar for screenshots and 5 dollars for a cape and 30 for beta version

2. Your english not low i see it good :D

3. You can be patron of micdoodle8 and only pay monthly with price you want

4. You can edit or cancel your patronage any time


Nov 4, 2013
You can stop being a patron at any time, so you can only pay for 1 month. Then you will need to go back and cancel your patron.

You will get access to early development builds, for that one month.

You will see upcoming features that others can't see, for 1 month.

Your donation will help with making this mod, and reaching a milestone.

A milestone is when a certain amount of money has been payed, and so some more information is shown to everyone.

But, as a patron you can not distribute any information or development builds to other people.

Please tell me what you understood from this.