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  1. Codym2405

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    I have noticed that in galacticraft there seems to be no regard to the fact that the planets don't have pressure.

    I suggest that there should be a cartable item called pressure suit, and that should be combined with the thermal suit to create a space suit. All the oxygen machines (Oxygen collector, Oxygen storage, Oxygen tanks) could also work with nitrogen, so it would allow Nitrogen tanks to exist. The nitrogen tanks would be placed near the Oxygen tanks, but would not be consumed as the player dose not actually breath nitrogen, and would only use a certain amount to pressurise the suit to start up. The suit could leak though, if the corresponding armour piece is broken (if a chestplate is broken the space suits chestplate would start to take damage) and the leaks would get progressively faster and more nitrogen/oxygen would be lost.

    There would also be the option to extract CO2 or just vent it into the atmosphere, extracted CO2 could be turned back into oxygen and carbon fragments.

    Nitrogen would also be needed to run an oxygen sealer (which would be called an atmosphere sealer) but once pressure is acquired no more nitrogen would be consumed. Increasing the size of your base would need more nitrogen, and if the seal is broken more nitrogen would be needed to re-seal the base. You won't need more than 1 oxygen sealer, but the more you have the faster the system would be able to pressurise the area. The consumption of oxygen would always be the same, but would increase if multiple people are in the base. The sealers could be powered off, but the levels of oxygen would start to drop, and the CO2 levels would rise, but nitrogen would remain the same. CO2 can be pulled from the atmosphere by the sealers, as a pressurised liquid form (or solid.) It could also be turned back into O2 and Carbon (at a cost of energy.) Airlocks would increase the size of your base when opened, so you would require another device to take back the air, before you could exit.
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    That all sounds neat but while reading it I got to thinking, I have a "pick a breathable gas" thread that would go great with this as well. Picking a breathable gas adds more variety to server enviroments and players would need to think about how they would setup what gas they breath in a sealed enviroment so why just have tanks hold nitrogen when they could be made universal for all the different gases?

    Imma go update the thread since you gave me some neat ideas to improve such a system, your idea you got here is great and I personally think it should be added

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