Brisingr Aerowing's Galacticraft Setup

I am working on getting a full setup of a number of Galacticraft machines in my world (in creative), and I will document my progress here and answer questions about the setup.

The first machine I set up is a bulk fuel refining system using two large tanks from the Pressure Pipes mod and a refinery in between them, connected using EnderIO fluid conduits:

Bulk Refinery.png

My next step is going to be to get a workbench set up and construct a launch pad.


Apr 10, 2017
pressure pipes reminds me of the capacitors in enderIO, definitely getting it. would love to see more screenshots!


Dec 31, 2016
What mc version is this because both ender up and pressure pipes have mc 1.7.10 through 1.10.2
(I forgot about this post. I haven't been all that active in MC for a while.)

The map got corrupted some time ago, so no download.

I was in 1.10.2, now I am going to rebuild in 1.11.2.

Still have to find a place to build my base (and actually figure out what seed I want to use).

I am trying for a large Biomes O' Plenty Alps Biome to build my base / space center / industrial area / etc. within. Basically I am going to build a massive bunker with a Missile Silo style rocket launch tube (possibly more than one).