Bug reports and suggestions


Jul 25, 2015
Hey! I'm going to post bug reports and mostly gameplay balancing suggestions in this thread. This is mainly for developers but any criticism will be apreciated.

[] The magnetic table increments every ItemStack shift-clicked into it by 1.
[] Items shift-clicked out of compressors don't give experience orbs.
[] Arc Furnace sometimes doesn't give experience (but sometimes it does).
[] Bucket is filled while less than 1000mB is used (observed with: Gas Liquefier, fuel).
[] Machine status and storage freeze sometimes.
[] Entity names of all rockets are "Tier 1 Rocket" because they are all entity.rocket_t1.
[] Galacticraft armour protects against all kinds of damage (shouldn't include fall damage, drowning, suffocation, GC suffocation, GC thermal damage).

[] Tanks use up the entire item stack of buckets while returning just 1 full.
[] Tanks use up an empty canister if there's not a corresponding canister item for the fluid (includes empty tanks).
[] Stacked tanks always show liquid surface.

Tweaks / Cosmetics:
Add blocks for Titanium, Silicon and Lunar Sapphire.
Add Compressed Gold and Compressed Lead for future use/other mods.
Compressed Meteoric Iron/Desh should take 2 ingots to make - they're not that rare.
Parachest/Lander/Entry Module should return a partially fuelled rocket.
New canister filling/emptying system: On USE key hold, 25mB (or the remainder, if the tank is almost empty or canister almost full) is moved into the canister each tick. The same works for emptying using SNEAK+USE.
Add Gold Ore asteroids.
Add asteroid-coloured Diamond Ore and Silicon Ore.
16x16 textures.
Add most significant natural sattelites into the space catalogue as a cosmetic feature (Martian, Galilean, Titan, Rhea, Enceladus, Triton).

Gas update:
Change Oxygen Storage Module to Gas Storage Module and restrict tanks to liquids only.
Add Compound Gas.
Add coloured Fluid Pipes that only connect to same colour and colourless pipes.
Add Atmospheric Collector to collect atmospheric gases as compound gas.
Add a Phototsynthesizer turning water + CO2 into oxygen + sugar. Should only work during day and receive environmental boosts just like solar panel.
Remove Oxygen Collector.
Add Liquid Collector collecting liquids on its input vent and an option to also collect liquids spreading to it. It should also collect rain.
Remove the second output tank from Gas Liquefier and make it accept all gases and add an output side.
Add a reversed Gas Liquefier (probably passive).
Add ratios to atmospheric compositions: Overworld(N2 - .77, O2 - .21, Ar - .01, H2O - 0.01), Mars(CO2 - .95, N2 - .04, Ar - .01), Venus(CO2 - .96, N2 - .03, SO2 - .01)
Add Gas Distiller with 3 output tanks; tank 1 and 2 will have configurable required gases and tank 3 will be filled with the rest (for example if tank 1 has O2 selected and tank 2 has Ar selected and Overworld gases are pumped in, tank 3 will contain a compound gas of nitrogen (77/78) and steam 1/78) ) I/O config: front - graphic, back - power in, bottom - gas in, left - gas out 1, right - gas out 2, top - gas out 3. This will allow for a cascading distiller configuration.
Add gas dumper to dump unused gases into atmosphere.

Code changes:
Move resources (desh, titanium, lead), fluids and machines (terraformer, launch controller, geothermal, ...) into galacticraft core if there's no reason to have them kept separately. This will also make it easier to make them more abstract (like making an item called metal_ingot, metal_compressed and store the resource id as damage).
Store canister fluids in NBT tags.
Make the galaxy registry dynamic and server sided (thread: https://forum.micdoodle8.com/index.php?threads/server-sided-space-catalogue.6801/)
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