Can someone make an addon for this.

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    So I really want an addon which adds a new solar system and a bunch of whacky planets. I currently got 2 planet ideas.

    Nemo Phoroneus: Star. Orange Colored. Planets orbiting it: Palioxis, Jungle Planet

    Palioxis: 50C Degrees, 0.5 mass of earth, 50% gravity of earth, 2x Atmosphere, Purple
    Atmosphere, Breatheable, Low plant life, Floating Islands, and constant thunder with lots of clouds.

    Jungle Planet: 20C Degrees, 0.9 Mass of earth, 90% gravity of earth, 1 atmospheres, Atmosphere
    color like earth, Breatheable, Clouds, 80% surface is covered in water, and high life with
    lots of trees, unique creatures, etc.

    The jungle planet has no current name for it.

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