Cannot "Launch" To The Moon On A Moonquest++ Server 1.12.2

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    I have a minecraft server that uses the Moonquest++ mod pack that includes galacticraft and extra planets. I will include a picture of the included mods. I got into a rocket and took off, reaching the galaxy map. When I highlight the moon and click the green "Launch" button, absolutely nothing happens. From what I've seen, this may be a dimension problem but I'm not sure how to fix it. I already tried altering the dimension ID for the moon in the galacticraft core config file but it didn't work.


    I was looking at my latest.log from my own .minecraft folder and I repeatedly saw this line which I assume is me trying to press the "launch" button.
    [00:00:06] [Client thread/INFO] [STDERR]: [com.mjr.extraplanets.client.gui.screen.CustomCelestialSelection:drawCustomButtons:469]: java.lang.RuntimeException: Attempt to create provider for dimension id [-28] failed because it has not been registered!

    Any help would be extremely appreciated! Thanks so much!

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