Collectors not outputting


Feb 19, 2019
In creative single player I can make this work, but on my station I can't. I have 16 collectors with leaf blocks above them, they are powered and full of oxygen. I can see them sucking in oxygen, I can see them connected to full powerlines (you can see these things in my attached pic), and I can see the power and oxygen bars full in their GUIs (I can give a pic with proof of this too if you want, but the one pic should prove my point). You can also see that fluid pipes are attached to them, and that the pipes are not filling up with oxygen. You can also see that everything is plugged in correctly. Any ideas why the oxygen isn't actually coming out of the collectors?

In creative, when I have a collector (albeit in the overworld sucking oxygen from the air), it automatically outputs the oxygen into the fluid pipe even if nothing else is attached to the fluid pipe, but that's not happening on my station.

Any ideas what my problem is? Thanks for the help!


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Is the other end of the pipe connected to something? If the pipes are coming out of the O2 collectors and have nowhere to go, then the collectors will simply fill up with gas, and you might not see any O2 in the pipes.

If it is connected to a machine, make sure it is going into the input (green) side of the machine.