Development on Addon: Omega Space

Discussion in 'Addons and Resource Packs' started by TheMCSpacePro, Jan 3, 2019.

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    I am working on a addon called Omega Space for Galacticraft 2. It is a addon that adds the rest of the solar system, new planets and new rockets. My laptop hates modded 1.7.10 and above, which is why I'm on 1.6.4. However, I'm having trouble coding it, and I'm not dumb enough to steal assets from other mods. So, I will go and deal with trail and error until I can get the first planet in this mod working-being Venus which can be reached via a Tier 2 rocket. I cant wait to get Venus out. If someone was kind enough to help me with texturing, that would be great. I will take suggestions on what I should add.

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