Emreldia // Galacticraft 1.11.2: Build 119 // Forge 1.11.2 -

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    Welcome to Emreldia! This Server is a relatively new Galacticraft server. We are a small community of gamers looking to improve the Galacticraft experience. You can go to Venus, Mars, The Moon, and even build your own space station with friends. Even though we don't have any other mods then GC yet, we plan to add more as it fits our needs. Please check out the server. You can find more information on our discord

    If you have any question PM Cojo_Nut#9479 or SebaSphere#4427 on discord
    Please note I do not own the server and Cojo is the owner

    Server IP:
    Modpack: Here
    Forge Version: Here (Download Recommended "1.11.2 -")

    1. No griefing, spamming, or any other similar destructive/derogatory actions.
    2. No excessive swearing, please keep it to a minimum
    3. No racism, sexism, or similar.
    4. Remember The Golden Rule "Treat others as you would wish to be treated"

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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