Enceladus, moon of Saturn


Jul 28, 2013
You should add Enceladus. It is a moon of Saturn that is very small but has massive geysers at it's south pole that are connected to an underground ocean the size of lake superior. Though is is made of ice and is very similar to europa, I think it could work well. Maybe have a way to travel across the moon to the geysers were you could like jump in or dig down into the underground ocean where you could find cool creatures, and yes, a boss.

NOTE: The ocean would be finite, so it would have an ending, and would be fairly deep under the southern ice.


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May 18, 2013
From other topic:
Enceladus is the second closest Tier 6 dimension to Earth, it's a moon of Saturn, so Saturn is visible in the sky as a "second sun" except it does not rise or set. The sky texture makes the world appear to be in a permanent state of night.

Enceladus’ surface is made of Enceladus Surface Rock, an ice-blue stone. Below the surface is a layer of Enceladus Stone that extends to the bedrock layer. The surface is covered in 24 block deep pits, these pits contain fountains of Liquid Ammonia, which can be contained in buckets. Rarely, these pits do not contain Liquid Ammonia, and instead are entrances to cave systems. Caves on Enceladus contain 3 types of ores; Enceladus Iron, Enceladus Copper, and Enceladus Silicon. Also in the caves of Enceladus are Enceladus dungeons. They do not contain boss mobs, instead, the player will find a chest containing Superheated Exothermic Garments, which are needed to survive on all the succeeding dimensions.

Evolved Mobs spawn on the surface and in the caves of Enceladus, like they do in most Galacticraft dimensions. Enceladus also has Enceladus Villages (identical to Moon Villages except with huts made of Enceladus Stone instead of Tin Block) populated with Saturnians.

The day-night cycle is the same length as a day on the Overworld, the Gravity is 1%, the meteor frequency is 7.0, the temperature is -3.5, and Enceladus is habitable.