Galacticraft 3 is officially stable - no longer a "BETA"!


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Apr 27, 2014
We are proud to announce that as of stable version 3.0.6 which was released earlier today, Galacticraft 3 has moved on from its BETA testing period.

Thank you so much to everyone who had the courage and patience to help us with the BETA builds.

After downloading version 3.0.6 you will need to regenerate the Asteroids dimension to have the benefit of the new features. To do that: go to your .minecraft/saves folder, go into the folder of the world you have been playing, and delete the folder DIM-30. Obviously, you will lose anything you built there already (this was warned in the Beta release notes).


OK, there are still a few things missing from 3.0.6 which will come in future: just now, there's no Asteroids Boss, no Tier 3 Treasure Chests in the world, and there are no Schematics for the next thing after Tier 3. (Because of that, it's possible you might need to regenerate the Asteroids dimension one more time in the future - not sure yet, I think there's a good chance we will be able to add the Boss without players having to regenerate again.)
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Sep 12, 2014
Only a guesses, but I would suspect either Zombie, Spider, Green Slime cube, Witch, Ghast, Blaze or Whither Skeleton, any of those would follow suit with the first two being an advanced version of a standard Minecraft creature, leaning heavily toward the Zombie or Spider as one of the original creatures, followed by the Witch, followed by the green slime cube ( doubt it, Green was the last major one ) and then the Nether creatures

However in second place guessing would be.... Zombie Pigman

In third ( guessing still ) would be an advanced version of a more mundane creature, an evolved Chicken comes to mind.... but just makes me just laugh.

I have no idea of course, and I don't expect Radgast to respond, but one of those is what I would expect following what they have done previously.

Time will tell, and we don't need to know in advance.