Galacticraft Moon Base (Download Included)

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  1. David Aronson

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    Jul 26, 2013
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    Hello, this is a Moon Base I recently made on the Galacticraft Moon. I used the following mods in this Base:


    Download (Get GC, Mekansim, and Furniture Mod also)

    -Galacticraft: The most Critcal Mod on this list, as without it, you are unable to even get to the Moon in the first place, let only have Oxygen.


    Another Important Mod, you need this mod so you can have the structure of the base(as it's is made out of plastic from Mekanism), and also the Solar Panels plus the Energy Cube, so your base can have Energy for important appliances.

    -MrCrayFish Furniture Mod:
    This mod is less important than the other 2, but if you still need to download it to have the Furniture in this Base.

    Now to the base itself.

    This Moon Base is personalized, AKA it's meant to be owned by only one person, unless you modify it, which is fine. There are 4 sections within the Moon Base which are all sealed;

    -Living Area: This is where you relax, watch TV, or look at stuff on 4Chan with your Laptop

    -Farm: This is where you get most of your food(Unless you spawn some, which again, is fine). You can change the type of seeds to whatever you want. There are 2 Pasword chests which both use the Password "ok".

    -Electric Generator: This room has an Energy Cube, connected with Solar Panels outside, which you can use a Airlock to get to. This room is where all the Electricity is made.

    -Oxygen Generator: This is where Oxygen is made. There are 7 oxygen generating chambers, which all connect to a Oxygen Storage Module.

    You will notice how in the Middle of the base there is a non-sealed 3 by 3 Room a Small Tower that is the launch/landing area.There is a Fuel Loader used for loading the fuel into your rocket when you live the base(if you ever do).

    If you want me to add anything, please message me or comment below

    Album of Moon Base

    Thanks for taking a look!
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