Glacticraft 4 plan question


Sep 12, 2014
Simple question
is the intent to make Glacticraft 4 for Minecraft 1.8.2 ( or whatever )?
The reason I am asking is that it seems Lex is making solid progress on Forge, I am planning a more permanent server hosted off of my personal machine in the not so distant future.
Right now we are having a blast with what we have with Galacticraft 3 Mekansium 7 playing on Minecraft 1.7.10
But I am curious what the intent of Glacticraft 4 will be, I am also curious what Mekanisum will do.. but not asking that here.
M<y playing group loves Minecraft 1.8+ and they were just hoping thier favorite mods will be following suit ( it is understood that it will take some time )
thanks in advance. :)


Dec 14, 2013
1) Wait half a year.
2) Ask again.

Well...the problem of 1.8 is that due to brutal change to vanilla system of handling blocks you will need to rewrite all from beggining(probably make all machines working via NBT tags, making all machines normal blocks and not TE) , so do not expect that soon and will mean that the words for 98% would not survive the update. (So needed wipes)
And for features - why making something new? First feature will be , that it works with 1.8...for more I will be happy enough just with making more stuff for the Solar system (same way as for now)

And also do not forget for Bukkit dramas and MicroSoft dramas, they can also change it now forget that there is some 1.8 and normally play. If you will get out of "what to do", I can then suggest you some more things to do in technic world, I have some Solutions for this... (However, Mekanism is not involved in these :p )


Oct 29, 2013
The Edges of Space
Sure GC 4 will be for 1.8 or 1.9 but until now only we know this
Until now there is nothing we know about GC , only this

Working part of a supercool feature for @micdoodle8 for the next#Galacticraft

Here is Spoiler from Rad fast

Now that Galacticraft 3 is pretty much stable and most of the bugs found and dealt with (see Github for the small number of open + known issues, and thanks to everyone that has helped us to get this far) it's likely that three things will happen.
  • New features and enhancements will start being added again - we are working on two excellent things right now.
  • The asteroids will be 'rounded off' - at present there is no boss, no treasure in the form of a new schematic, and some other things are not fully as we would want them to be, we want it to be a richer environment with more rewards for reaching that far.
  • Galacticraft 3 will stop being in "beta"!
Our future plans are no reason not to start playing a map now. Galacticraft is always being improved, and everything (except that missing hydrogen pipe!) is 100% playable as it is. But, at some future time, an update will come when it will be recommended to reset the Asteroids dimension to have the benefit of any additions we have made, for example new boss or treasure. So - as also mentioned in the original release notes - we recommend players don't spent a lot of time and resources building large bases in the Asteroids just yet, at least not in Survival maps.


Staff member
Apr 27, 2014
That quote ^^^ is about what to expect over the next month from GC3. Not about GC4.


Sep 12, 2014
Fair enough.. someone... I wont say who ( chuckle ) mentioned GC4 in another post and it just got me thinking.

Never a good thing

For now, and probably for quite some time, we will continue on 1.7.10 and the current versions of the mods we are using

I was just curious as GC4 was mentioned. :)