Going to space with my wife

Sean Brockest

Nov 27, 2013
I know that some of this is asking for spoilers, but I want to be prepared.

I run a server for my wife and I to play on. It has galacticraft. Our next goal is space.

1) Will we need 2 rockets? or does entering the rocket function as a portal-like device?

2) When you arrive somewhere for the first time, is the entry point random? or will we arrive near each other?

3) Getting back, do we each need our own method of returning?

Thanks, i'l have more once we get these explained.

Seth Roop

Nov 27, 2013
Warning: These are what I remember from when I played. Any of these might be inaccurate.

1) You will need two rockets. Each one flies into space when you activate it and lands on the moon.

2) As with the nether, you arrive near where you launched.

3) When you enter the moon, a prompt will tell you to hold space. This slows you down so you do not crash.
when you land, a chest comes down carrying your rocket and launch pads with you.

Remember your oxygen gear!

I hope you two survive and do well. Can you please tell me if any of my info is wrong.
Tell me how it goes!