Gravitational Problems

The Supermon

Mar 14, 2013
When a person exits a station, one would expect to have their momentum carry them further away from their craft, or feel almost as if submerged under water, floating freely, one problem is that when i exit mine, i start being pulled by the Overworld's gravity, as if i am on the moon. One suggestion of mine is that we code it very closely with creative mode, but movement will be much more sluggish and slow, but moving around freely isn't a choice, as you have nothing to help you gain momentum, for that, you can place ladders that you can hold on to, keeping you from floating away, but this is difficult and requires alot of parkour experience. Enter, the RCS Pack! which is explained along with another idea in my other thread (stop reading now if you are only interested in the subject, rather than my blabbering), i assumed it would be better to create a new thread, but i have now realized i should have just made this a comment, it does not justify these physics, I have faith that micdoodle may, or may not have the capabilities to create such a coded system, but i have no idea how to code, so i guess i will just cross my fingers, and hope this thread has mistakes, which there are, sooooo have fun finding them.