IC2 Solar Panels not collecting


Aug 7, 2014
Minecraft Version = 1.5.2

Forge Version =

Galacticraft Version =

Detailed Description = This is more of something from a specific mod(IC2 and Steves Carts 2) not working with Galacticraft (on the Space Station) when everything else I have tested to date on the Space Station from the same mod works, rather than an actual "bug".

I wanted to see if IC2 Solar Panels worked on the Station, but they don't. They appear but they do not see that the sun is directly overhead. The Galacticraft Solar Panels I have nearby are working. I can hook up an IC2 Generator to a BatBox and the Batbox to an Energy Storage Module and the Module will fill up. But the solar panels won't work.

The same goes for the Solar Engine on a cart from the Steve's Carts 2 mod. If I add coal to a cart with a coal engine on tracks on the station, then it works.

Full Forge Log = http://pastebin.com/isPNBhnp