Improved Mobs


Mar 4, 2013
Next thing I like to suggest are the Mobs:
The Mobs right now aren't really that amazing, I know the mod is in early stage so that's excusable, but in the future how about more advanced mobs? Right now we have the Vanilla mobs in space, which isn't logical, Skeletons and Zombies are the undead, they don't really need helmets. It's strange how in the Yogscast's video there was the "Space Creeper" which makes me think if Creepers were originally aliens. I can sorta buy that...
I think the Endermen should be able to spawn in any of the worlds, their home world "The End" looks kinda like space, some can suggest that they are Aliens.

Also new mob suggestions: Space Parasites, a small space creature that might either give bad effects or leach off of your HP. Zombie/Skeleton Aliens, Zombies and Skeletons remodeled/retextured, Skeletons might not use a bow. UFOs? (Neutral mob)
I'm going to talk about my idea of Aliens in another post because I came up with a real nifty idea about them.