Incomplete Download Error


Apr 24, 2021
I've seen a few older posts about this subject matter, but I tried everything mentioned in those posts, to no avail. It doesn't crash my game immediately, but has been causing problems when playing multiplayer. I am using both the latest version of galacticraft (both planets and core) as well as micdoodle core, (I believe they're both version 280) for 1.12.2. I am running forge (1.12.2). I have tried redownloading, waiting to ensure that it is fully downloaded, and then putting it in the mods folder, but without success. I have uninstalled, started game, quit, then re-installed, but, like I said, without success. The error says something along the lines of "Fatal Error _________ is an incomplete download and will likely cause problems. Any help would be appreciated, as I would like to keep using galacticraft!