Interstellar Movie Style Black Hole


Mar 3, 2015
It can't, but it dose not need to. It just has to handle you traveling somewhere to a wormhole and finding yourself in a new solar system. I was just describing a real-life wormhole.

Derp Johnson

Jan 1, 2015
I've mentally replaced Intersellar's "black" hole with a "wormhole" as it makes more logical sense to me.
Yes once you reach the event horizon even light doesn't escape, but you'd want a weaker and smaller black hole to achieve that, since it has a weaker gravitational pull.
I didn't realize those planets orbited the black hole in the movie. So where does the light come from if there's no sun?
Yes that makes the most sense


Jun 18, 2014
Im nowhere but also everywhere
The galacticraft team can take a page out of 4spaces book and add a black hole to the planet selection screen that the player needs a specific tiered rocket to reach. The rocket would be equiped with the technology to neutralize the black holes deadly gravity for safe passage and when the player first flys through they land on a fully habitable exoplanet with it's own equvilent resources to it's overworld counterparts and ways to use certain ones in the ore dictionary.

Reason they land on such a planet would be that since it was the players first time 'testing' the black hole trasit technology their ship was damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced. The player would need to repair and 'finish' the black hole travel equipment or build the next tier of rocket to travel back and forth from Sol and this other system(The warp drive one would take alot of fuel for obvious reasons.)and they would not be able to get back to the Sol system until they have one(doesn't matter which since both work, it's really up to the developers.)

The system would have multiple planets and a few moons for exploration and the lore could be that the system use to be inhabited by an advance spacefaring race that abandoned the system or died out so you could find ruins and remnants of their civilization spread far across the land scape a few worlds. The first world you 'crashed' on after exiting the black hole would be their original homeworld and it would have various advance machines and technologys you can salavage or use to craft better stuff and the ruins or ruined cities can be sort of dungeons were the native wildlife spread into the area after the spacefaring race vanished. The next rocket scematic can be found in a underground labatory that has been decaying through the ages similar to a stronghold on the overworld with a boss you have to beat. There would be no overworld mobs but there would be alien counterparts so you can still get the supplies if needed and the planet would have two tidal locked moons and be multi-biomed like the overworld.

...sorry, I think I went too into detail and now theres this big chunk of text


Jun 19, 2015
maybe just planets that orbit gargantua(the black hole) like millers planet and dr manns planet so basically another solar system but i like derp johnsons idea but a black hole destroys everthing to be realistic but it would be cool if you could get things like the enderance and the ranger the endurance could orbit the black hole and you could explore planets with the ranger
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