Large Portable Battery


Jan 20, 2020
I came up with an idea for a new larger battery that requires some advanced stuff, as well as specialized equipment to handle it. For use in transferring power between planets.

Known as the Lead battery, it has two parts, the Lead racks and the Large battery case. The large battery case is 5 steel plates and 3 wool, in a O shape with steel on the top. The lead racks is 3 lead ingots on the left side, 3 galena ore in the center, and 3 lead ingots on the right side. When the racks and the case are crafted shapelessly with a bucket of sulfuric acid (yay a use for that stuff) you get the lead battery, a single-stacking item with a power capacity of 250kgJ.

The large battery cannot connect with any normal machines to charge or discharge, and must have new Discharger or Charger blocks to function. These should be functional with hoppers! I don't know what their specific crafting recipe would be, but they should have relatively high tier material requirements.