Mars Colonies

Aug 20, 2013
Hello everybody :)
Today I am posting this thread because I think There should be some structures on Mars, this way, Mars could be even more exciting than the current level of excitement :D
Through many science fiction novels that involve Mars as the main setting, There have been Mars colonies. Why not have some in Galacticraft?
A Mars Colony would be extremely amazing to introduce to Galacticraft. I know what a lot of you could be thinking "Why do we need another worthless village?" Well instead of a village, this could have more things included. Instead of villagers, Galacticraft Mars Colonies could have Steves, which would represent "Minecraft Kind." Instead of the Steves sitting around and doing nothing, they could be doing the following:
1) Expanding the Mars Colony
2) Maintaining a flow of oxygen
3) mining
4) fighting off hostile mobs
5) Farming
6) launching to the Overworld (very rarely)
*On Number 2, the Mars base would indeed have a sealed oxygen flow :) *
Also, I think it would be neat to add when the Steves go outside the oxygen seal, that they will automatically equip a space suit (made up of 2 heavy oxygen tanks, oxygen mask, and oxygen gear).
The Mars Colony should also have a solar panel farm that sends enough power through the Colony.
I think the Steves should act somewhat like wolves. By that I mean if you punch 1 of them, they equip with armor and a sword and attack you (if your in range). If possible, only the steves in the specific colony should attack you.
Because these colonies are made up of very expensive material and there are many expensive machines, These should be very rare (also because it is very hard to make a Mars Colony in Galacticraft in survival).
Thank you for reading this post :)
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Ops. The Xeno

May 3, 2014
I like this idea a lot, also, maybe there could be ruins of these colonies and an intact colony could be rare to find