[Mega Thread] Reimagined Base-Building


Jan 8, 2017
In my opinion, building space stations, lunar outposts, and huge martian research facilities is one of the coolest things you can do in Galacticraft, especially with the simple and well-designed base sealing system. However, I feel as though it could be expanded upon to be much more fun and interesting.

Gravitite_Shard.png Force_Shard.png
Lets start with adding 2 new ores; Gravitite and Impetus ore. Gravitite and Impetus ore would generate rarely within the cores of asteroids, and make up about 5% of the core.

Gravity_Core.png Force_Core.png
When 4 of either of these ores are crafted with 4 Compressed Desh and an Advanced Wafer, they will give you a Gravity or Force core respectively.

Gravity Cores could be used to craft the following items :

Gravity Sealer

The Gravity Sealer would be crafted with 4 Compressed Desh, 4 Compressed Aluminum, and 1 Gravity Core. If provided power and placed in a sealed area, it would cause anything within the environment to fall at a modified rate. This rate could be adjusted from within the machine, and vary from 10% of the normal gravity to 150%.

It could be disabled with a redstone signal.

Gravity Bubble Distributor

The Gravity Bubble Distributor would be crafted with 4 Compressed Desh, 4 Compressed Tin, and 1 Gravity core. It would function similarly to the oxygen bubble distributor, except that anything within its bubble would follow its laws of gravity, which are again configurable within the machine and toggleable with a redstone signal.

Gravity Boots

Gravity boots would be crafted with 2 Compressed Titanium and 2 Gravity Cores. They would provide the player with constant Overworld-level gravity. However, the boots' power would drain over time, and have to be charged.

That's it for the Gravity Cores. Now we're moving on to Force Shield and its various uses.

Force Field Frame/Controller

The Force Field Frame/Controller is a multi-block machine that would function nearly identically to the airlock, except that instead of a thick sheet of metal it's a thin layer of plasma. It would allow the player to walk in and out of a sealed zone with ease, erasing the need for an airlock system.

8 of the frames could be crafted with 4 Compressed Titanium, 4 Compressed Aluminum, and one Force Core, while 1 of the controllers could be crafted with 4 Compressed Titanium, 4 Compressed Steel, and one Force Core.

It could be modified to become solid when a non-whitelisted player attempts to enter, turning a light shade of purple. The same thing could be applied for hostile mobs. It could also be disabled with a redstone signal.

It would look and act similarly to the one in Borderlands : The Pre-Sequel.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 10.42.25 PM.png

Force Shield Projector

The Force Shield Projector is a machine that could be crafted with one Force Core, 4 Compressed Titanium, and 4 Heavy-Duty Plating.

Force Shield Projectors will, when powered, create a bubble similar to the oxygen bubble, except that it is able to repel mobs and players. (and does not share the oxygen bubble's ability to provide oxygen, however it can be sealed by oxygen sealers)

By default, the player who places one of these will automatically be added to a whitelist which will allow them to enter and exit the Force Shield as they please. However, any mob or player (unless specified otherwise) will not be able to enter the Force Shield.

However, blacklisted mobs/players ARE able to damage the force shield, causing it to lose a significant amount of power. A force shield that is not properly powered can be temporarily destroyed.

They can have a maximum radius of 50 blocks, but will cost a hefty amount of power.

TLDR; A RF-powered force shield that can repel players and enemies or act as a sealed environment.

Jump Pad

Jump Pads, when supplied with power via a battery or wire, will launch the player into the air. (with configs)

You would be able to change the height, distance, and velocity of the launch pad. Each launch costs 1500 RF regardless of settings

They could be crafted with 3 Compressed Titanium, 3 Compressed Desh, 2 Force Cores, an Advanced Wafer.

Finally, I'd like to suggest a few miscellaneous changes.

A reason to have sealed bases

One of the biggest problems with having sealed bases in galacticraft is that... well... there's just no reason to have them. Why bother with sealers and airlocks when you can just carry a few heavy oxygen tanks on you and switch them out every once in a while? Why ever unequip your space gear?

Anyways, that's why I think that galacticraft should have a few new systems for space suits.

First off, there should be a new machine called the Space Suiter (or something i dont know) that's crafted with 4 Compressed Steel, 4 Compressed Tin, and a Dispenser. When you stand on it and crouch, it will equip or dequip you of all your space gear.

But why would you even bother taking off your gear? Well here's why :

There should be a weight system. A full thermal suit should slow the player down by 20%. Each Light Oxygen Tank should slow the player down by 5%, each Medium Oxygen Tank should slow the player down by 8%, and each Heavy Oxygen Tank should slow the player down by a hefty 12%. This also applies to oxygen tanks stored within the player's inventory (and maybe the backpacks/magic bags from various mods if that is possible)

The player should also have a food consumption speed decrease of 500% with Oxygen Gear and an Oxygen Mask equipped.

With these systems in place, the player would finally have a reason to build sealed bases on planets without a vacuum.


This one might be hard to implement, but I think that it'd be cool if when your base depressurized very quickly, it'd deal hefty damage to anyone not wearing an oxygen mask and shoot them very quickly towards the breach. (if it is near them)

Cheaper Airlocks

Airlock Frames are far more expensive than they should be. I think that they should have the same recipe, but craft 12 of themselves instead of just 4.


That's pretty much all I have to say on the subject of improved base-building. I feel like there's more to say, but I've already said plenty. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading!
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Jun 1, 2017
I love the weight systems and breaches idea perhaps a mistake when launching a rocket cold leave you with a hefty hole in your base and scrap metal?