Mob spawning on Space Station


Jun 25, 2014
Minecraft Version = 1.6.4

Forge Version =

Galacticraft Version =

Detailed Description = I have created a space station in survival mode with the modpack Attack of the B Team. When I started to expand it, I noticed a cow spawning about 20 blocks away from me in space and falling in the direktion of earth. After falling for about 10 blocks, it suddenly vanished and respawned at exactly the same location that it first spawned at. This process reapeats itself every 3-4 seconds.
At first I didn't worry about it, hoping the cow would vanish sooner or later (as its not quite normal to have cows flying around in space), but now there is another cow and 5 chickens that have spawned and behave axactly the same way! There were even 2 skeletons (not evolved skeletons, mind you, I mean normal skeletons from vanilla minecraft) that spawned. One spawned in space and the other spawned on my 'roof' they started burning wenn the sun was that high, that my solar panels reactivated. They were also killable, they cows and chickens are not.
These strange happenings began on a nitrado server.

Full Forge Log =