More configurability for suffocation damage


Jul 27, 2018
Suffocation damage is a joke, ever since the health regeneration mechanic changed in Minecraft 1.9- with a decent supply of food, or just any sort of regeneration effect, you don't even need an oxygen kit to survive in space!

Currently, we have to enable hard mode (the B:"Harder Difficulty" config option) in order to get the feature where "damage from oxygen suffocation increases the longer you spend without oxygen". This is undesirable personally; not only does it make mobs track further & move faster, it also makes getting around space stations a massive PITA- try it out yourself if you haven't, it's really not fun.

It'd be nice to get a separate config option for suffocation damage- at least so that we could enable this exponential suffocation damage without having to enable the rest of the annoyances that come with the 'harder difficulty' setting.