My Experience in Hardcore Mode


Nov 28, 2018
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Howdy all! In response to a bug report on my hardcore game, Radfast said he was curious how far you can get in the game without I thought I'd post my experience thus far!

So, first off, I pretty much only play Minecraft in Hardcore mode, as I find playing in Survival less...engaging. I only play when I'm well rested and into it...otherwise I have other hobbies to occupy my tireder moments.

In this game I started out with fairly normal vanilla goals - survive, food, iron tools and weapons, better tools and weapons, etc. Once I had a secure base of operations and a decent mine, I started pursing Galacticraft goals - getting power, machines, refinery, etc., mostly driven by the pre-flight checklist on the wiki.

Finally I built my rocket, went through the checklist 5 times to make sure I had everything, and blasted off to the Moon! I landed right next to a Moon village, which was almost immediately hit by a meteor, with the building closest to me having a large hole blasted in it. That freaked me out and I ended up spending a good bit of time on the wiki trying to find out what level of blast resistance I needed in my building material to be able to withstand meteors. I never did find out, so...when in with obsidian and vacuum glass. :)

Before building my Moon base, I researched all about oxygen on the wiki. I ultimately decided to build a small dome-shaped base within a single chunk, which I laid out in Excel beforehand (I just change the width of the cells to be the same as the rows, making it graph paper).

The dome is made of obsidian and strong vacuum glass, with a pair of advanced solar panels on top that feed a pair of energy storage clusters. Beneath the dome I have no less than 12 sub-levels, each of which is a wheat farm, all accessible via hydraulic platforms. They are organized into 4 sets of 3 levels, each with an oxygen collector in the center, which outputs oxygen at a rate of 426/s.

This is where I started to learn some interesting things. First, wheat didn't need to be full grown to provide oxygen, which is what the Wiki said (I have since corrected it). Also, I thought each oxygen sealer would need 340 oxygen/s, but in game it says it needs 240 oxygen/s, and then once it is sealed it says it is using 40 oxygen/s. I'm still not sure which is accurate, but I suspect I am creating far more oxygen than I need.

Once done I had a permanently sealed base on the Moon, with oxygen compressors to refill my tanks, wheat and chickens for food, and enough power to make it through the night most of the time.

At this point I learned how important timing was for loading chunks when it comes to making sure you have enough power. If you leave a planet with a long day/night cycle when your energy storage is low (e.g. near the end of the night), and then return at nightfall, you'll run out of power, unseal, and have to live off oxygen tanks or leave. Given the importance of power in these environments, I personally would suggest creating an option to allow solar panels to act as chunk loaders, so this doesn't happen.

Once I had a solid base, I lit the area around the base to reduce mob spawns, first with glowstone torches and then with glowstone blocks (to allow for an even ground). This worked fairly well, but then I realized something that blew my mind - the location I landed on the Moon was exactly the same each time based on the location I launched from on the Overworld, assuming I didn't touch the controls.

This meant I could have a permanent landing area that I could protect from mobs. At first I thought about creating a simple lit platform to land on, above the mobs...but then I thought, why not add glass walls...and then a large roof made from a horizontal airlock! It took some experimenting, but I now have a sealed location for my lander to touch down inside my base, and my rocket can launch from that same sealed room as well! It just required a 5x5 horizontal air lock with a 10-meter open range. In theory, I can go to and from the Moon without ever having to wear oxygen tanks!

It was at this point that disaster struck. While mining on the Overworld for tin (for the longest time I could never get enough of that stuff) I came back to my launch pad to find that my rocket, which had been full of fuel and two full fuel canisters had disappeared! That's when I posted on Github about a potential bug. I still don't know what happened there, but I decided to turn on Quick Mode for a time and use it to build a new rocket. Thankfully I had about a stack of iron, aluminium, and tin in my inventory from my mining efforts...and so a new rocket was quickly made.

Since then I've been exploring the Moon's surface, looking for a Moon dungeon. There's been no signs of one in many, many hours of Moon walks and it's become fairly tedious at this point. After looking online for suggestions I have installed the Journeymap mod in the hopes it will help.

Meanwhile, I've found myself turning back to the Overworld for a break in the monotony, curing zombie villagers and setting up a village for them to live in (and "pruning" those villagers to get better trades).

At this point I have maxed out personal gear (e.g. Unb III, Prot IV diamond armor, sword, bow, etc.). I have hit a stopping point until I can find a Moon dungeon and take on the boss (and hopefully survive!).

Obviously the mod is awesome and tons o' fun. That said, here are a few thoughts about minor tweaks that could make it even better:
1. Allow the Dungeon Locator to be crafted in Survival/Hardcore. Maybe make it expensive so that it's not a first choice, but make it available so that folks who have exhausted the fun of bouncing around on the Moon's surface can get to the action. If it could be expended while getting the dungeon treasure, even better, so it can't be used on other planets without being re-created.
2. Allow meteoric iron to be converted into standard iron (e.g. maybe a second pass through a furnace could remove "meteoric impurities"). Meteoric iron has very few uses and iron is still really useful. That would then mean that the Moon becomes a special location to (quickly) get iron, giving a reason (other than cheese) to come back to it.
3. Add more trades for the Moon Villagers, including some of the "normal" villager trades, like arrows (which you otherwise can't get on the Moon, despite every skeleton firing an infinite number of them) and enchanted books. Variety is the spice of life and having one Moon Village with a really good trade in one location and another with a different really good trade in another location gives players a reason/excuse to build Moon infrastructure and do more on the Moon.

Well...that's it for now...thanks for reading! :)