My GC3 Space Station


Sep 17, 2013
Seattle, WA, USA
Ok so it's not the fanciest thing ever and there's not much to it, but that's why I like it. This is my take on the earlier stages of a semi-realistic space station with just a couple capsules so far. I wanted it to look much more simplistic and have a "function over form" type of feel like the real thing. Much smaller porthole style windows instead of broad panes (except in the observation capsule on the right), doorways just big enough to fit through, a little footing platform to aid entry into the exterior air lock...those types of things.

Been trying to find more uses for the new walkways. One such use: a less solid looking boom for the solar array to attach to as well as providing a means to transfer the energy they produce.

I sure do like me a good 1-thruster slow rotation of the space station thanks to @radfast :D