⚠ Important Never use other people's content without permission (and what to do if that happens)

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May 18, 2013
A rule of thumb regarding the use of other people's content:
  • Never use other people's content without permission.
  • What we mean by content: source code, textures, models... the actual thing.
  • Ideas are not content. If you use other people's ideas, please be courteous and give credit. While this is not required, this avoids the impression that they are posting suggestions in vain just for other people to use (this is called "put yourself in their shoes").
Now if you see someone using your content without permission or without credit (when you required it), PLEASE follow this procedure:
  1. You must send them a private message (a conversation) WITH A PROOF asking the other member to fix the issue (assuming there is one). Give it 2 days at least.
  2. IF nothing happens or gets solved until the deadline, you must send the same private message TO ME. I'll see if the claim confirms, then I'll take actions if need be.
The most important: Never post publicly accusing other member of stealing content. Follow the procedure above, or you'll get a temp ban/warning.

When we say WITH A PROOF we really mean it. We want to see screenshots or something with red arrows and text highlights comparing your code, texture, model or any ACTUAL CONTENT with the other person's offending content. Otherwise, you get a temp ban for false claim.

As to the copyright claims, it seems I need to clarify a few things:

Let me put it this way: if using other people's ideas is stealing their stuff and therefore it must be dealt with, then say "bye-bye" to the Suggestions forum and half of Galacticraft features since most of it came from other mods, movies, space agencies' articles, pop culture etc. Yeah, 95% of the ideas posted in the forum and/or implemented in the mod are not even original. Let's get rid of them, then?

History_Channel_mode=ON: Daimler invented a 4-wheel car; a few years later Ford launches a 4-wheel car of his own style. Must Daimler sue Ford because the latter's car has also 4 wheels? He must not, unless the implementation are the same. I mean, anyone can come up with the idea of a car having 4 wheel, but not everyone gets it done <-- this is copyrightable!

Boeing absurdly patented a never-existent plasma force field. Still I doubt Bungie, Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney will file a copyright complaint against Boeing.

There are two things we have learned here:
  1. Idea is a thing; implementation is another thing: there's nothing special if you implement an existing idea. The merit is in bringing a new idea and implementing it yourself. When we see pieces of code, textures or art design being copied without permission, then we have a problem.
  2. People hardly come up with original ideas or something totally new. ;)
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