New build 118 released - ForgeEnergy compatibility and some bugfixes


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Apr 27, 2014
There haven't been any new builds in August/September due to summer vacations and other reasons.

A new build 118 is now available to download from the usual download site

Build 118 has a few bugfixes, including solving a nasty 'constantly crashing' issue with some saved worlds with Hoppers feeding Electric Arc Furnaces - if you have a world which was crashing like this, it should now load and play OK.

We have also experimentally added ForgeEnergy compatibility in the 1.10.2 and 1.11.2 versions of Galacticraft.

This means Galacticraft should now work with other mods which use ForgeEnergy (for example Immersive Engineering) even if the RF power system is not present. Any issues with this, please post to the Github with a full description, including screenshots and version of the other mod.
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