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Feb 23, 2013
Kalos Region
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  • Fomalhaut b- This planet is characterized by it's pink haze covering the surface of the planet, as well as being one of very few planets which is constantly being pummeled by Fomalhaut's debris field. Survival on Fomalhaut b is a matter of protecting yourself from the constant bombardment of rocky debris and hoping that whatever life, if any, on Fomalhaut b isn't hostile.
    • Biomes -
      • Haze Valley - A flat biome with the occasional rolling hill. This biome is covered in a thick, sickly pink gas which causes nausea when the player comes in contact with it. Some early exploration have also reported a potential life form to be inhabiting these valleys.
      • Porous Premonitory - This biome is characterized by a steep, steppe-like formation which contains caves en masse inside of them. These steppes have been known to soar well above the 200 block range. The tops of these steppes are also covered in the pink gas, albeit only 1 block high.
      • Precarious Rocks - A fairly hilly biome characterized by large, boulder-esque formations scattered around the landscape. The lower regions of this biome are covered with the pink gas. These boulders often contain coal, gravel, or other less valuable resources, although rarely these boulders contain iron, redstone, or even diamond... some boulders are rather newly formed though, and are full of lava or gas instead.
      • Steeple Grove - A mountainous biome characterized by the growth of absolutely massive Mangrove-esque trees known as Steeple Trees, these trees often grow above 100 blocks high and typically have roots which are 4-6 blocks thick. These trees grow in relatively little soil, leaving most of the ground covered in vines and small shrubbery with very little grass/dirt.
    • Native Ores -
      • Wolfarium - This sickly green ore spawns in layers 4 to 40. When mined, the block releases a dark orange gas which is extremely volatile, if this gas touches fire it will violently explode and can blind the player if close enough. Drops Wolfarium Ore when mined, must be smelted.
      • Iknium - This blue/gray ore spawns in layers 20-30 in massive veins, known to contain upwards of 20 blocks. Drops Iknium Ore when mined, must be smelted.
      • Steeple Tree Root Vein - A block which spawns in small clusters(4-6) at the bottom-most parts of Steeple Trees. Even after severed from the host tree, the Root continues living (and has been known to parasitize itself into other items)
      • Iron (layers 1-50)
      • Diamond (layers 1-5 only)
    • Mobs
      • Roamer's Tree - Early explorations of Fomalhaut b discovered a creature which seems to move aimlessly around the landscape, these "trees" are named so because of their appearance, which is somewhat like a Palm tree. What early explorations didn't discover, was just how intelligent these creatures are, they hunt in packs like wolves and approach their prey in a very stealthy manner. When the player looks at a Roamer's Tree, it will stay still. They slowly approach the player from behind, making quiet russling noises when moving. Their attacks deal 5 hearts to a diamond armoured player, and they attack in groups. They have 25 hearts of health and drop Roamer's Blood (1-2) and Roamer's Bark (1-2) when killed.
    • Related Crafting
      • Iknastrate - Crafted with 1 stick, one iron, and 1 Iknium Ingot in the shape of a sword. Deals 3 hearts of damage when slashing, right-clicking throws the Iknnastrate and deals 15 hearts of damage, but thrown Iknastrates cannot be recovered. Has 1200 durability.
      • Fomalhaut's Bane - Crafted with 1 diamond sword, 1 Roamer's Bark, and 3 Iron Pickaxes in the shape of a pickaxe. Deals 35 hearts of damage and mines stone-esque blocks at the speed of a diamond pickaxe with Efficiency 3. Blocks mined with a Fomalhaut's Bane have a 1-in-50 chance of dropping Meteoric Iron.
      • Steeple Vault - Crafted using Steeple Tree Root Vein with an eye of ender in the center. Allows items placed inside to passively regain durability over time. Be very cautious when using this though, as an occasion some items stored within it will become overridden with Steeple Root Virus (more info further down.)
    • Steeple Root Virus - Steeple Root Veins are a host to a parasitic organism too small to be seen with the naked eye. These organisms are the reason Steeple Trees' roots grow to such gigantic proportions, as the Virus tries to expand itself outward. Steeple Root Virus (or STV or short) can infect players as well as mobs and tools. Infection occurs first with exposure to tools which have become overridden by the virus (when you use an infected tool). The STV, has one major weakness though, it is that STV is native to highly basic substances (meaning that even slightly acidic substances, such as milk, will kill off STV.) Milk will only stop infection at stages 1&2! Infection has 3 stages:
      • Stage 1. Infection has been underway for no more than 30 seconds. Mining Fatigue is the main symptom.
      • Stage 2. Infection begins to migrate towards the central nervous system at 5 minutes in. Passive regeneration is a primary symptom, however this is because the STV is beginning to merge itself with the body's own regenerative properties. Random bouts of nausea (5-10sec long )are common.
      • Stage 3. At 10 minutes in. STV infection has taken over the CNS, and begins to replace the body's stem cells with it's own. Wither level 2 begins. Death comes relatively quick after.
    • Note that STV is not all bad, infected tools can be used to infect hostile mobs (except for creepers). These infected mobs will mindlessly follow you, as you are the "host". So yes, you can own a horde of your very own Wither Skeletons (note that they do not fight for you.)
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Jul 26, 2013
wait is there allready a jupiter and a mars?

EDIT: Please reply is there allready a mars and jupiter?


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Feb 23, 2013
Kalos Region
[continued from previous post]


Ladies and Gentlemen, Minecrafters alike! We have reached the edge of our humble Milky Way, but our journey is not over! Now is the time to leave behind our home! We. must. go. further! We must expand our gratuitous empires and monuments to Man's accomplishment!
To begin, your humble spaceship (nor your starship!) will be prepared to make this voyage. You must construct something so magnificently mind-boggling that the best of today would question how you did it! You must construct... an Intergalactic Spacefarer. Doing this is no simple task, as the materials needed will make you question your gathering abilities. Among other things, you must build:
  1. 2 Hyperspace Traversal Engines - These engines are the heart of the Spacefarer, capable of reaching (and breaking) the Speed of Light by bending the Space itself around the vehicle into a cone-esque formation, causing immense pressure to be released in a fraction of a nanosecond.
  2. 1 Pressure Refractor - This piece of interesting technology is the reason why the Spacefarer doesn't obliterate itself upon starting the HTEs. It reverses the pressure against the Spacefarer, causes space itself to bend around the Spacefarer.
  3. Cabin - Self-explanatory, it even has cup-holders (though there's no guarantee that your coffee won't spill when going 8,993,773,740m/s).
  4. 4 Galactic Wind Sail - Oil is no longer your fuel source, it simply won't last. Instead, when cruising the GWS captures the extragalactic winds to propel itself. The GWS also provides an absolutely astronomical amount of electrical charge.
  5. 1 Spacefarer Chassis - Self-explanatory. Made out of the highest quality stuff you can find in the Milky Way, Supercooled Diamond (that has been mixed with Iron.)
  6. 3 Hyperspace Directional Ailerons - Massive, wing-like fixtures which steer the Spacefarer.
  7. 1 Hibernation Matrix - You can probably guess what the point of it is.
"So I have my Spacefarer built, what now?"
Blast off, genius.
(hit V once at the 500-700 block height to activate the HTEs, if you don't you can't leave the galaxy!"



2.5 Million Light Years Away

"The newest New Frontier"​
Welcome to Kelt 1b, the failed Star, now a planet of extremes. How does 2422 Kelvin sound? How about having a year that's 27 hours long (15 seconds MC time)? How about the fact that it receives 600 times the amount of radiation the Overworld receives? Fun, eh?
  • Survival - Make sure to pack a High Pressure Heat Suit! You're gonna need it! And don't look directly at the Star, you'll blind yourself.
  • Biomes -
    • Sweltering Plain - A very flat biome with the occasional indentation in the ground. The surface is made of Hyperthermal Stone (an orange-red stone). Plenty of lava lakes and ponds of Metallic Hydrogen to spare.
    • Metallic Sea - An ocean of Metallic Hydrogen.
  • Ores -
    • Hyperthermal Stone - Extremely common, can be mined with a wood pick (provided you can get one there without it burning to ash).
    • Enriched Thironite - A mineral with seemingly magic abilities. Combining Redstone with raw Thironite seems to cause an violent reaction which, under controlled situations, causes the Thironite to "levitate". Creating a container to hold the two substances together could potentially make for a device for levitation abilities, a Jetpack with an Anti-gravity Engine in place of the Jet per se. The ore itself is a hard-to-break, glowing, gold-and-red ore.
    • Whisper Frelanite - Due to a continuous gas leakage from this ore, it has the appearance to "whisper". Caution is needed when mining these ores, as they have a chance to burst into flame on a moment's notice. Miners unknown to this ore's presence may believe that there is actually a mob nearby, this is not the case. Has hallucinogenic properties, meaning that it may cause nausea after prolonged exposure.
    • Coal
    • Andromeda Dust - An extremely rare ore found on the surface of the planet. This ore is not a normal ore, it is entirely composed of Charm Quarks at the subatomic level, whereas Overworld ores are composed of a combination of Quarks. This odd property means that Andromeda Dust must not leave Andromeda galaxy. If AD comes into the Overworld, there will be explosive results (with the strength of 20TNT). Oddly enough though, AD does not react with the Human body negatively, it actually coats the body in a microscopic layer of resilient microfibers, which make the Player immune to most weaker attacks (it's basically Resistance level 2.)

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