Option for Smart Oxygen Collector Leaf Decay

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Aug 14, 2014
Quite basically my idea boils down to having the leaf decay not be an all or nothing thing. Instead I figure we could add a bit to it (but not too much.) Sort of a "more realistic" optional mode.

Leaf decay on the moon is always on. Technically there should be no way for trees/crops to grow without atmosphere, but this is minecraft, and I'm fine with that logical fallacy.

Leaf decay should not happen on mars due to the rich Co2 in the atmosphere aiding the plant, except for when the leaves are in a sealed area. Leaf decay here goes back to the original yay/nay setting. This adds a new dynamic as to having to keep the oxygen collection separate from the base.

Another thing I just now thought of is maybe on mars plants could receive a growth increase? I know spigot can do this via config, but it should change depending on if in a sealed area.
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