Option to merge space station worlds


Nov 27, 2018
There are a number of issues with using multiple worlds for space stations, especially for large servers

1) The number of worlds on the server can grow arbitrarily large which is not sustainable
2) Loading space stations with a large number of tile entities and other stuff causes extreme lag and it doesn't really help to simply keep those chunks loaded all the time.
3) It makes multi world management with most plugins extremely difficult if not impossible to do correctly
4) It's not even realistic to have players in the same "location in space" to be separated by dimensions

To address these issues, I think it is quite necessary to have an option in the config that will merge space stations together into one world. Then when players create a space station, it should just be generated at a random spot in the orbit world, with coordinates less than some configurable amount in the config. This is much more resource efficient, easier to manage, more realistic and necessary for many large servers.

Original suggestion: https://github.com/micdoodle8/Galacticraft/issues/3556

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