Oxygen Bubble distributor and other possible improvments

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    I've recently started playing this mod and I have a done pretty well so far, I have established a base on the moon and I am currently building it and I hope to create a large colony this has been good so far but there have been some things that I have thought of that might help establish a colony faster.

    The oxygen bubble distributor is great and all, but there are some improvements.
    • I think a great idea would be to allow the bubbles to connect and create ones that could be double the size or bigger. So my thinking with this is that if two of the OBDs are placed next to each other it would create a bubble double the size and if 3 then triple, this would be incredibly helpful, smart and cool.
    • Another possible function is a new slot which would take the shield controller, why? you may ask so that a shield could be created around a certain area that would protect the area inside of the bubble from meteors or hostile mobs or both if this seems OP maybe it could not put out oxygen and just create a sealed shield. I think this would work best with the Idea above. If that is too much, maybe a new machine that creates a bubble shield and would work in a similar way to the OBD.
    A Handheld Mining Drill. This may seem stupid or too good but hear me out.

    • This drill could require a schematic but I think that might be kinda stupid, so what I suggest is that there are multiple tiers for this drill and each drill requires an ore from certain planet, so maybe the top tier requires lead or solar dust or something like that and the bottom tier may require diamond or emerald or something similar and then desh and titanium and so on for each tier.
    • This drill would also have infinite durability but it would have a cool-down period and an overheating period, this would mean that the user could not constantly use a drill. The cool-down period would decrease with every upgrade and the overheat time would take longer to reach. If the drill reaches maximum overheat a certain amount of times it would permanently break, and each time it reaches maximum overheat it would extend the amount of time it would take to cool down, the overheat would also make the drill non-useable until it reaches original temperature making people use it more sparingly.
    • Unbreaking and efficiency would be able to go onto the drill. Unbreaking would slow down the overheat time and efficiency would increase mining speed
    • The drill would mine as fast as a gold pickaxe may be faster, and the main difference between each tier would be the time taken to overheat.
    • This drill could require multiple pieces like a drill bit or something, but the main ingredients that remain constant could be red stone, diamond, iron, solar dust, sensor lens or glasses or an Orion drive, this is expensive because of how useful it would be
    • Space agencies on earth with villages and basic machines
    • abandoned bases on planets, that could have empty oxygen canisters and skulls and basic machines
    • EASTER EGGS - very rare structures that show things that are actually on the moon, like an American flag or something, maybe rovers could be added and the player has a random chance of encountering a rover or they could find damaged rovers on planets that could be harvested for items.

    Some new ideas:
    Trees giving out a small amount of oxygen but it is really small so would only be useful in a tiny base or beginner base

    vacuum seal glass blocks, so that way you could make a dome out of the strong glass and it would look alright, and it would mean that inside the dome would be protected from meteors

    If the actual glass/ window became coloured with the chromatic applicator, this would allow for some really cool builds that could resemble modern sky scrapers
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