Oxygen sealer improvement suggestion

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Oct 5, 2013
Some Place Cold
Just a little improvement I thought of that would make sense.

What if instead of having to place 3 oxygen sealers and power all of them, you could just place one?
Their would be some sort of ratio, depending on how much oxygen the sealer is taking (and their would have to be some sort of measurement for oxygen, say, cubic metres?) in and how many blocks it would seal, for instance:

1 cubic meter of O2 = 1 block worth of oxygen

If you dont have enough oxygen coming into your sealer to compensate for how big your room is, then you will get the oxygen setup invalid notification. Also, the limit on a oxygen sealer would be something like 500 cubic meters of O2? I just like the idea of getting all the worth you can out of the oxygen you put into it. :p

Anway, If you have any more suggestions or you dislike of my idea, feel free to add or hate in the comments :D

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