Power instead of storage for galacticraft vehicles

Would you rather....

  • have and energy - storage hybrid option

  • eithor energy or storage, not both.

  • use both energy storage modules and energy storage clusters

  • only energy storage modules

  • only energy storage clusters ( About 5x more than the energy storage module)

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May 19, 2017
Could there be a variant of the cargo rocket and buggies that instead of having an inventory, they have power storage? This would, for me, be great when I go to the asteroids or to mars. I was thinking that for the crafting recipe, either a energy storage module or storage cluster could go into the slot that the chests currently go into. I think there should also be something like a cargo loader/unloader to unload the energy. Tell me you think and if you would like anything different!
Sep 27, 2018
I think storage is very needed.
after u loot a dungeon and u have no inventory space, u can put anything in your rocket.
but that suggestion changed my thinking. energy storage inside of a vehicle like cargo rocket seems like a very good idea. so u can move energy thru space dimensions,
you should do it with gases and fluids as well.